Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives

A non-profit school

Our non-profit organisation, Libre Ecole Rudolf Steiner, explores issues of general interest. Membership is open to all. Its secular and non-political work is centred on the following:

  • Building and running a school (including preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten classes)
  • Organising workshops, conferences, and exhibitions
  • Producing educational newsletters and other publications
The organisation is resolutely committed to operating democratically and transparently and to maintaining an objective management approach. It is administered by a Board of Directors composed of equal numbers of parents and school employees. The board is responsible for the school’s administrative and financial management. Our funding comes from
  • The French Ministry of National Education and regional government, in accordance with the contract we established with the French national government (école sous contrat)
  • Parents, who pay tuition and thus directly finance school operating costs
  • Occasional donations that supplement the larger budget
  • The school’s educational programmes are collectively implemented by the Pedagogy Management Council, which is run by the “Grand Collège”. This group consists of the school’s teachers, administrative team, and educational councils (i.e., for the school’s different levels). It meets every week to discuss pedagogical and organisational matters. Our goal for the school is to foster collaborations between parents and school employees. Various committees exist in which parents and teachers come together to ensure the school functions properly. These committees include the projects & safety committee, the communications committee, and the Christmas market committee.

    A unique educational experience

    The Steiner Waldorf School of Verrières-Le-Buisson has existed since 1977

    Our school was founded in Paris on July 3, 1955. In 1977, we moved to our current school grounds in Verrières-le-Buisson, a vast property historically known as le clos Clairbourg. The campus is a splendid green space spread across 3 hectares, with a 19th-century Norman-style manor at its heart.      

    Located 9 km southwest of Paris, the school is surrounded by the towns of Massy, Palaiseau, Antony, Châtenay-Malabry, Igny, Saclay, Bièvres, and Verrières-le-Buisson.

    Clos Clairbourg, around 1938

    On these school grounds, students experience the seasons directly. The nearby forest of Verrières-le-Buisson means it is easy to plan class excursions into the woods. Indeed, our kindergarteners and younger students take weekly forest walks.

    Over time, the school has grown and transformed. At present, around 40 teachers work with 350 children, with enrolment spanning the range from kindergarten (2.5 years old) to high school.

    The school’s classrooms occupy several different buildings with a total surface area of about 3,700 m². The campus also boasts numerous workshops dedicated to carpentry, sculpture & pottery, metalworking, sewing, the fine arts, music, and eurythmy.

    To expand its activities, the school acquired a magnificent 400-seat theatre in 1989 (Espace Odilon Redon).

    Organic school lunches adapted to all diets

    Every school day, students sit down for lunch between noon and 1.30 pm.

    Around 400 meals are served, all prepared entirely on site by our four-member kitchen crew. Meal preparation adheres to a quality charter drawn up in collaboration with culinary staff at other Steiner Waldorf schools.

    Fresh organic and biodynamic products are delivered daily. Special meals are available for vegetarians and students with food intolerances or allergies.

    Teachers eat lunch with their students in the dining hall. Everyone serves themselves and helps with clearing the tables.

    Application process

    Applications are accepted year round for all grade levels, from preschool through high school.
 Please request your application using the form below or call us at
 +33 (0)1 60 11 38 12

    Upon receiving your request, we will send you an application form to complete. The form can be returned to us by email, by post, or directly (in the school’s letterbox).
    Within two weeks, one of our educators will get in touch with you to schedule a pedagogical meeting, which will require the presence of the child and their legal guardians.
    Within a few weeks, one of the two teachers who met with you will let you know whether or not the school has approved your application.

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